Our Philosophy

ASK Foundation was formed with a belief that all social and community initiatives undertaken should reflect the same rigor and strategic thinking as in business. In today's world, corporates wield significant capacity to influence social issues and ASK Group recognizes this fact.

ASK Foundation believes in supporting those causes which can cascade the benefits beyond just the direct beneficiaries. Causes should percolate benefit at large to the society and through generations. Therefore every cause or partnership goes through the rigour of an impact analysis before selection.

The 'Spirit of ASK' reflects the commitment to driving change from within and hence is the most important organizational and cultural tool to build this consciousness within the group and its employees.


"Laying a foundation for a favourable and just environment, where every individual has equal opportunity to proper housing, quality education and suitable health care facilities for his or her development."


To create a suitable platform by building quality infrastructure, giving individuals access to quality education, proper housing and improved health care facilities"