Upcoming Projects
ASK Brick – A project to build 7500 homes

ASK Foundation is partnering with Habitat For Humanity to build 7500 homes over the next 3 years. Given the magnitude of the task and challenges involved, the foundation will seek support from individuals, NGOs and institutions to make this project a success.

The project is slated for launch in November 2010.

ASK Brick Key Project Features:

7500 homes in 3 years: The project aims to build 7500 home over 3 years with total project cost estimated to be approximately Rs. 90 Cr ($ 18 Million).

Partnership v/s Donation: The Foundation aims to provide interest free loans to home owners who not only pay back the principal in 6 years but also physically contribute in the home construction.

Partnership with Habitat For Humanity: The organization will be responsible for identifying prospective home owners and also local partners who would assist in the home construction. Moreover, Habitat For Humanity will also be responsible in ensuring pay back of loans provided.